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Women and Montana’s 2013 Legislative Session


Conversations with Women Working the Capital for All of Us.

How do women lobbyists defend what we care about? What can you do?  Amy Cilimburg talks with Janet Ellis (Montana Audubon) and Anne Hedges (MEIC) about wildlife, energy, and environmental protections. Then Jen Euell visits with Sarah Howell (MT Women Vote) about efforts to protect voting rights, Medicaid expansion for low-income families, and more.

This program originally aired on January 15 on Montana Public Radio.


A Conversation on Transracial Adoption


Ann Szalda-Petree talks with cultural anthropologist Susan Harness (Colorado State University) about the historical and spiritual trauma of transracial adoption–mainly, adoption of American Indian children by whites. Harness herself was adopted off the Flathead Reservation and draws from her own experience.

This show aired on Montana Public Radio and IOW on December 11, 2012. Thanks to Clark Grant for producing.

Montana Women Homesteaders


Montana Women Homesteaders, a conversation with Caroline Patterson

Missoula writer Caroline Patterson talks with historian Sarah Carter, author of the book “Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One’s Own” as well as Wyoming writer Alyson Hagy and Idahoan Kim Barnes about the western theme of women in isolation. Was it always difficult–or were there other sides to that coin?

Originally aired on mtpr November 13, 2012.

Produced by Beth Judy