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Solutions from Nature: Bryony Schwan talks about Biomimicry

Bryony Schwan

Bryony Schwan

3.8 Billion Years of Design Solutions

Bryony Schwan is the executive director of the Biomimcry 3.8 Institute. She talks with Beth Judy about form, process, and system in nature, and all that humans can learn from a “research lab” that’s been designing marvels for 3.8 billion years.


A Climate Update – Rallies and Action


Beth Judy speaks with Amy Cilimburg about what is happening on the Climate Action front – from President’s Day rallies in DC and western Montana to state and local happenings.  Tune in.  It’s urgent.

This 25 minute segment first aired on Feb 12 on MTPR.

Craft, Story, and Psyche: A Show on Weaving & Women


On the loom at Escherich’s studio, Telaluna,

Missoula weavers Nancy Escherich and Leora Bar-El gather with therapist Britt Finley and IOW producer Beth Judy on a winter’s night to talk about weaving–the craft and its ancient place in human story and psyche. This show originally aired on Feb. 5, 2013.

Life and Intersex: An Interview with Jim Bruce and Eden Atwood of the Interface Project



Ann Szalda-Petree interviews intersex activists Jim Bruce and Eden Atwood about living life with an intersex condition. Eden and Jim highlight the social and medical oppression people with intersex conditions have traditionally received, as well as provide hope for change in the future.

This show aired on MTPR on January 22, 2013.  Thanks to Clark Grant for producing.