Solutions from Nature: Bryony Schwan talks about Biomimicry

Bryony Schwan

Bryony Schwan

3.8 Billion Years of Design Solutions

Bryony Schwan is the executive director of the Biomimcry 3.8 Institute. She talks with Beth Judy about form, process, and system in nature, and all that humans can learn from a “research lab” that’s been designing marvels for 3.8 billion years.


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  1. thanks so much, beth & bryony! I’ve been wanting to hear what the institute is up to. exciting stuff. Re: B corporations: Marjorie Kelly’s next-to-last book, The Divine Right of Capital is good on this topic (if i were well, i’d interview her again — on her new book, Owning Our Future. Funny to hear about the confence on Thompson Island. I taught in a Kennedy-era poverty program summer school for inner-city boys on Thompson Island.
    Keep up the great work!

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