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The World of a Modern Herbalist in Missoula, Montana


California Poppy, Kava Kava, and even (gulp!) Ragweed: Herbal solutions, Individual Approaches

Western allopathic medicine is only about 100 years old; before that, humans, for thousands of years, used medicine from the natural world, mainly from plants. Montana herbalist Britta Bloedorn continues that tradition. In this hourlong interview, she tells producer Beth Judy how she came to herbalism and how it can differ from other medical approaches, and delves into some specific complaints such as allergies and sleep troubles.

Britta Bloedorn, Herbalist

Britta Bloedorn, Clinical Herbalist


Otter Creek Coal Mine – “We’re not going to let it happen”


Alexis and Vanessa - Save Otter Creek

Vanessa Braided Hair and Alexis Bonogosky are convinced this proposed coal mine in southeastern Montana is madness– and they are not going to let it happen.  Listen to why it’s crazy and how it can be stopped.  Be inspired.

This In Other Words program, produced by Amy Cilimburg (with help from Beth Anne Austein), aired May 14 on Montana Public Radio.

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For more on the health impacts of coal and climate, visit Clean Air Montana