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The Best Gift Ever


What is the best gift you’ve ever given? Ann Szalda-Petree asks 6 very different people to describe the best gift they’ve ever given anyone. The answers range from the material to the spiritual, and all are centered around close relationships. Originally aired on MTPR on December 17, 2013. Thanks to Liz Kohlstaedt, Teresa Waldorf, Clark Grant, Tuline Kinaci, Rob Tapper, and Eden Atwood.







In Other Turds


Andrea and Don Stierle

See, “In Other Words” morphs depending on producers’ whims; it started with “In Other Birds.” On this show, you’ll hear chemist Andrea Stierle talk fondly of gut flora. Ann Szalda-Petree visits the Missoula wastewater treatment plant. Biologist & mom Dalit Gussio tells Amy Cilimburg about new (old) ways of “potty training,” plus noninvasive animal tracking through scat. And then there are Clark’s (fascinating) “fecal facts.” Who knows where we go next, after this. In Other Curds–women who make cheese. In Other Kurds–international politics. In Other….

This show originally aired on Montana Public Radio on December 10th, 2013.

A Peculiar Experience: A Personal Postpartum Journey Home

Melissa Bangs

Melissa Bangs and baby Adelaide


Melissa Bangs shares her story of postpartum mania, a trip to the psychiatric ward, and her journey home.

Along the way she and interviewer Jen Euell explore the beauty and terror of what Melissa calls her “peculiar experience”.  Melissa shares how she found her way back to herself  through naturopathic remedies,  and finally her message to all postpartum women, “Reach out! There is help.  You are not alone”.