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Star Gaugers

Maria Mitchell of Nantucket

Maria Mitchell of Nantucket

Growing up on a farm near Billings, Chani Nava loved the night sky but never dreamed she’d delve into its physical heart. Today she’s part of the Minerva Telescope Project, a collaboration between the University of Montana, Harvard, and other schools here and abroad. She explains Minerva and also why astrophysics stirs her passions. She also tells what she learned last summer on Nantucket Island (Massachusetts) following in the footsteps of America’s first noted female astronomer and feminist, Maria Mitchell. After the talk with Nava, more about Mitchell, plus a spotlight on 4th-century Chinese woman poet Su Hui, author of the visual poem, “Star Gauge.”

The show begins with a brief commentary, originally aired on Montana Evening News in early January, by Annie Heuscher about the importance & challenges of local agriculture (approx. 5 minutes).

Produced by Beth Judy with engineering by Jen Euell; broadcast Jan. 14, 2014.

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New Years Resolutions


Are new years resolutions really a good idea? In this interview with clinical psychologist Craig Ravesloot, Ph.D., we learn about new ways of thinking about resolutions, ourselves, and the world. Originally aired on MTPR on January 7th.

Craig Ravesloot, Ph.D.