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Music! Feb 25, 2014


This In Other Words music show aired on February 25th, with the theme women singer-songwriters over 35.

1. The Archetypal Man – Judee Sill
2. Bluebird – Dawn Landes
3. City Hall – Vienna Teng
4. Foot of the Mountain – Danielle Howle
5. How Dare You – Mirah and Thao
6. Jesus was a Cross Maker – Judee Sill
7. Mt. St. Helens – Mirah
8. Mundane and It’s a Mystery – Diane Cluck
9. Pretty Face – Brenda Weiler
10. Seamless – Jasmine Rodgers
11. Slow You Down – Sarah Bettens
12. Strange Fruit – Nina Simone
13. This voice – Brenda Weiler
14. Whenever I Like – Jenn Adams




During the week of Valentine’s Day, In Other Words takes a look at the power of love in several forms. Contributor Lacy Roberts gives us a wonderfully produced piece about fishing, rolled cigarettes and love. Amy Cilimburg interviews her friend Dara about the universal nature of love as well as two little Wrens about their love for their dog and their absence of love for American cheese. Clark Grant called home to his mom in Arkansas to talk about familial love and the value of family.
Produced by Clark Grant

Bridget St. John

Bridget St. John



An episode all about what makes us afraid and how we deal with it, from stage fright to the fear of death. Contributor Beth Judy interviews Amy Ragsdale about her career in dance and the fears she’s faced (and overcome) on the stage.
Producer Clark Grant interviews a fearless young woman going through treatment for her life-threatening cancer. Last in the program is a ride-along with patrol officer Fiscus of the Missoula police department. We hear what she fears and how the encounter lessened Clark’s own fear of the police.
Produced by Ann Szalda-Petree and Clark Grant

Rachel Patrie

Rachel Patrie

The Storm of 1964 in NE Montana: Judy Blunt Reads from “Breaking Clean”


Judy Blunt published her memoir of growing up in northeastern Montana, Breaking Clean, in 2002. On this show, which aired Feb. 18, 2014, she reads a chapter about the winter storm of 1964. It will chill you, make you cringe and possibly even weep.

Not totally unrelated in content, Amy Cilimburg, Climate Change Outreach Coordinator for Montana Audubon, updates us at the beginning of the show on snow and Sochi, winter athletes taking action, the XL Pipeline and boreal forest, and Montana coal. Blunt’s reading begins about 14 minutes into the show.

“Those who forget have the wind to jog their memory, wind slipping evenly through the sage, dusting across the fields. Watch your back, it’s whispering. This land owes you nothing.” –“Salvage,” Breaking Clean

breaking clean judyblunt

From Icelandic Horses to Plagiarism: Crafting Documentaries


With the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival coming up, Leora Bar-El explores the documentary genre with director-producers Lindsay Blatt and Samantha Grant. Blatt made “Herd in Iceland,” which examines the culture surrounding the centuries-old tradition of herding horses in Iceland. Grant’s “A Fragile Trust” looks into the story of New York Times “serial plagiarist” Jayson Blair.

Samantha Grant, "A Fragile Trust"

Samantha Grant, “A Fragile Trust”

The 2014 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival begins Feb. 15 in Missoula and runs for about a week.

Lindsay Blatt, "Herd in Iceland"

Lindsay Blatt, “Herd in Iceland”