The Storm of 1964 in NE Montana: Judy Blunt Reads from “Breaking Clean”


Judy Blunt published her memoir of growing up in northeastern Montana, Breaking Clean, in 2002. On this show, which aired Feb. 18, 2014, she reads a chapter about the winter storm of 1964. It will chill you, make you cringe and possibly even weep.

Not totally unrelated in content, Amy Cilimburg, Climate Change Outreach Coordinator for Montana Audubon, updates us at the beginning of the show on snow and Sochi, winter athletes taking action, the XL Pipeline and boreal forest, and Montana coal. Blunt’s reading begins about 14 minutes into the show.

“Those who forget have the wind to jog their memory, wind slipping evenly through the sage, dusting across the fields. Watch your back, it’s whispering. This land owes you nothing.” –“Salvage,” Breaking Clean

breaking clean judyblunt


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