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100 Years of Montana Women Voting — Then and Now with Diane Sands


Daine Sands

In this hour of In Other Words, Amy Cilimburg speaks with historian, public servant, candidate for the State Senate, and long-time Missoula resident and advocate Diane Sands.

It is the 100 year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in Montana, and Diane helps us understand how we got there, where we are today and why it’s important to vote this Tuesday, November 4.

This show originally aired on October 28, 2014 on Montana Public Radio.


Changing Women’s Lives: The Jeannette Rankin Foundation and Women’s Scholarship Fund



Operating out of Athens, Georgia, since 1976, the Jeannette Rankin Foundation (founded by Jeannette herself and some admirers) assists women over age 35 in going back to school, a step that improves their lives and those of their families and communities.

IOW Producer Beth Judy talks with Sue Lawrence, ED of the foundation, and also, Francy Moll of Polson, Montana, a Rankin Scholarship alumna. Originally aired Oct. 7, 2014.


Sue Lawrence, Jeannette Rankin Foundation


Francy Moll, Alumna

Francy Moll, Alumna