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Voices of Climate Activists


This show features Environmental and Climate Activists:  their passions, fears, and hopes for our collective future.

First, co-producer Lacy Roberts talks to long-time Missoula Organizer Bob Oaks about the White Pine Sash Clean Up (Take Action through March 30!).

Then Amy Cilimburg interviews lawyer, mom and activist Summer Nelson (350 Missoula) followed by a conversation with Kathy Little Leaf, mom, grandmother and Secretary of Indian Peoples Action. The show wraps up with students from University of Montana’s Climate Action Now:  UM CAN.  Rebecca talks about the Art Show she organized (stop into the Buttercup Cafe to view). And then students share why they are active in and passionate about UM CAN. Be inspired!

Summer and family

Summer with husband David and daughter Cora

Mabel judging the Art Show

Mabel judging the Art Show

Will Thelan's Art Pieces

Will Thelan’s Art Pieces


A Peculiar Experience: A Personal Postpartum Journey Home

Melissa Bangs

Melissa Bangs and baby Adelaide


Melissa Bangs shares her story of postpartum mania, a trip to the psychiatric ward, and her journey home.

Along the way she and interviewer Jen Euell explore the beauty and terror of what Melissa calls her “peculiar experience”.  Melissa shares how she found her way back to herself  through naturopathic remedies,  and finally her message to all postpartum women, “Reach out! There is help.  You are not alone”.


Approaching Change through Adaptation and Smarter Energy


Approaching Change: Can we adapt adapt to a changing climate? Can we create new and better energy systems?

In the first half of the show Amy Cilimburg talks with University of Montana Social Scientists Laurie Yung and Carina Wyborn about adaptation. preparedness, their research, and how we approach the future as our climate changes.

In the second half Diana Maneta, Executive Director of the Montana Renewable Energy Association, and Bryan von Lossberg, Executive Director of AERO: Alternative Energy Resources Organization, discuss how Montana could and should move toward more clean, fair, affordable, and distributed energy.

Laurie at the University of Montana: Community Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity.  Carina’s blog:  The Pacific Exchange. Diana: the Montana Renewable Energy Association, and Bryan: AERO’s Repower Montana.


Laurie Yung and Carina Wyborn


Diana Maneta and Bryan von Lossberg

Women in the Field


Erin EdgeBeth Judy talks to Erin Edge about her work with Defenders of Wildlife helping to minimize bear-human conflict.

Science students Montana Hodges and Anna Bergstrom then share stories about their field work with Allison Mills, a science journalism student at the University of Montana. They all laugh about the trials of being women in field while speaking to the heart of what makes Montana landscapes and wildlife so important.


Erin Edge (photo, right)

In Other Birds


Kate StoneIt’s the “In Other Birds” Edition. Amy Cilimburg of Montana Audubon takes us on a bird tour of western Montana, talking to ornithologists, bird aficionados, and amateur birders to learn what’s happening with our feathered friends in fall in Montana. What are the stories behind the birds we observe this time of year, who are the patient birders who find them, and what can you do? From the Bitterroot Valley north to the Mission Valley and back with Kate Stone, Jill Alban, Chris Filardi, Janene Licktenberg and Kate Davis- and, of course, the birds.

Find out more about Montana Audubon and our Chapters, Raptors of the Rockies, Raptor View Research, and Jill’s poetry.


Kate with Sibley

Amykate_swift watching

Inspiration and Climate Action


Nicky_IOW interview2013An inspiring two part show with Montanans who are finding their niche to change the climate trajectory.  They are busy and making a positive impact.

First, Amy Cilimburg interviews University of Montana’s Nicky Phear about her thoughtful efforts to encourage conversations around these challenging issues.

Second, Amy talks with four members of MELT: Montana Elders for a Liveable Tomorrow.

Listen — to be inspired and help build a tomorrow in which we can all live and thrive.

MELT folks

Nicky Phear

Jan, Harold, Bill and Don

Otter Creek Coal Mine – “We’re not going to let it happen”


Alexis and Vanessa - Save Otter Creek

Vanessa Braided Hair and Alexis Bonogosky are convinced this proposed coal mine in southeastern Montana is madness– and they are not going to let it happen.  Listen to why it’s crazy and how it can be stopped.  Be inspired.

This In Other Words program, produced by Amy Cilimburg (with help from Beth Anne Austein), aired May 14 on Montana Public Radio.

Check out Alexis’s fantastic blog.

Email Alexis:

Contact EcoCheyenne and Vanessa:

For more on the health impacts of coal and climate, visit Clean Air Montana